WISE Profile : Creating better forms

WISE Online is a digital platform by the employment service provider, WISE Employment. WISE Online aims to be an online service that would help make finding a job easy, that’s flexible and is personalised to the needs of their customers.


WISE Profile is a feature on WISE Online where users can input their employments, education history and other personal information which then can be used for creating resumes or finding jobs. I designed this feature with simplicity and accessibility in mind.


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Filling out profiles or form-like features is a cumbersome task for many. To learn what makes a form easy to fill and the process efficient, I explored many forms starting from government and corporate websites to entertainment and lifestyle platforms. I found some well designed forms, a few scary ones and many many frustrating ones. The research taught me what to do and I what I should definitely avoid.


Badly designed forms can be a barrier to access information or services. My goal was to keep the design simple, provide relevant information to user at the onset and during the process and help them see their progress. WISE Profile has been designed to ensure users are not overwhelmed with lengthy forms and or bound by time. Data is auto-saved and error messages are detailed. The UI is free of distractions with friendly prompts, and language is easy to understand.

A simple start by setting a friendly tone
A minimalistic UI free of distractions
In context Prompts to make the process eeasy and efficient.
Friendly comments to make the user smile. Filling a form doesn't have to be so bad :)
Encouraging and warm UX writing.
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