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WISE Online is a digital platform by the employment service provider, WISE Employment. WISE Online aims to be an online service that would help make finding a job easy, that’s flexible and is personalised to the needs of their customers.


Job Plan is an official document required by the Federal Government that stipulates the terms a jobseeker must fulfil in their job search journey in order to keep up with their obligations and keep receiving payment. The terms are in the form of activities intended to help them get the right job.

A job plan is usually created by employment consultants in discussion with the jobseeker. Activities are catered towards their eligibility, needs, interests and development goals. But the process is cumbersome and the document is very governmental. Thus, despite the right intentions, the result is a basic job plan drawn from a template that is not customised towards a jobseeker’s needs.

The WISE Online Job Plan is an attempt to transform a bureaucratic process into an engaging and personalised journey for jobseekers. It’s also aimed at giving them more control in the process and the opportunity to explore activities that truly match their goals.


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Discovery around the job plan involved not only understanding user needs, goals and pain points in the current process, but also a deep excavation into the caveats of the government rules.

The research involved doing affinity maps, empathy maps, mapping out the current service as a blueprint, user journey maps and on-site visits.

The job plan on WISE Online is not an alternative to the federal government’s requirements. It was envisioned to be a guide or ‘extra helping hand’ to the consultants to create more personalised job plans and at the time be a source of ongoing development for the jobseekers.

Service blueprint and user journey map


This phase of the design process began with exploring insights and goals for the ‘minimum viable product’ of the WISE Online Job Plan service. That lead to defining two key focus areas :

How might we help jobseekers make progress in the job search journey.

How might we encourage better conversations between jobseekers and employment consultants.

Three key concepts arose from this co-defining session as seen below in the image. The idea was to foster certain mindsets of action, discovery and play as jobseekers ( users ) interact with job plan.

I ran an early stage concept validation workshop with members from the design, development, business operations and frontline teams. They were asked to evaluate the concepts through the lens of personas and then as themselves. The goal was to validate that the concepts were good responses to the problem we were solving. The results helped improve the ideas.

Some early stage drawings representing three mindsets : Action, Discovery and Play


The concepts were prioritised based on impact, feasibility and necessities for a MVP.

The ‘hero’ idea was to design tests to understand the needs, background, interests, health concerns, skills, etc. of jobseekers and use that information to generate more personalised activities. While the business and frontline teams worked on creating these tests, my goal as a designer was to improve the experience around interacting with the job plan.

I created user flows, information architecture and conducted design workshops for brainstorming and reviews. I also ran a usability test that revealed useful insights on what were successful interactions and what needed improvements.

User Testing done using a Figma prototype


The final design that was delivered and deployed is an easy to use, interactive experience aimed at giving jobseekers more control over what activities go into their job plan and a big list of choices to make that decision. It also aims to empower consultants to create better job plans by using these personalised activities generated from tests’ answers.

A simple start by setting a friendly tone
A minimalistic UI free of distractions
In context Prompts to make the process eeasy and efficient.
Friendly comments to make the user smile. Filling a form doesn't have to be so bad :)
Encouraging and warm UX writing.
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