Cortés School of Dance

Cortés is a Latin dance school based in Melbourne. Founded by Pedro Gonzalez and Tiffany De Caires, the school offers classes in Salsa, Bachata, Mambo and Afro-Cuban for dancers of all levels.


The project involved creating the first ever website for the Cortés Dance School. While one purpose was to create an online offering of the school’s classes, the second more artistic goal was to provide a unique experience for the Melbourne Dance Community as they visit the website.


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Dance is an industry rife with talent and many businesses in Melbourne. To give Cortés a unique edge, I envisioned to create the experience around Pedro and Tiffany's authenticity as Latinos who grew up with dance and create a shared celebration for the love of Latin dancing.

The discovery phase involved rapid brainstorming, interviews, creating user personas and mapping their journeys in order to streamline the vision for the project.

Interviews with current students, potential students and other dancers revealed multiple meanings and associations to dance. I wanted to embrace the many different meanings through the experience of the website.

Visualising the customer journey allowed me to understand how their students currently interact with Cortes and how the website can improve this journey.


Collaborating wth Pedro and Tiffany, I defined the vision for the website - to create an engaging environment that extends beyond the studio learning.

To answer the question “ How does the website fit into the lives of the students”, I analysed the user journeys, collected insights on behaviour from my observations and relied on business objectives. The idea was to do three things - inform, engage and empower.


I jumped into creating task and user flows to determine the interactions and functionality of the website.

I then created wireframes and ran design critiques with Pedro and Tiffany to get feedback on the progress. High Fidelity wireframes followed.


The website is designed to represent the energy of dance and at the same time exude simplicity.

I completed the user interface design, prepared supporting documentation and worked on handing over the project to a developer who then take over.

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